An Overdue Update

Hello dear blog followers. My apologies for not keeping you updated on here. I am hoping that by remembering my main goal in maintaining this blog, to share Nicaragua with you as I experience it, I will remain motivated to keep updating. Nicaragua is such a beautiful place with such an incredible history and I feel lucky I get to live here for two years, though this experience continues to challenge me.

I have now spent 5 months in my permanent site, and lived through a number of different experiences, good and bad. I have planned nutrition charlas (remember what that is? See Practicum Week in Somoto) for pregnant women in the Casa Materna, I have eaten the most delicious mangos of my life, I have started a yoga class for women, I have hiked several of Nicaragua’s incredible volcanoes, I have demonstrated correct use of condoms at health fairs, I have served as a judge for an English singing competition at a secondary school, I have given charlas on modern contraceptives to teenagers. I have many more stories to tell, but for now, I will show you in photos.

img_5099My colleague Maiya, the nurse at the Casa Materna, and I receiving certificates for completing a training in Managua on how to provide better service to HIV positive patients.

img_5878The quickly growing kittens that were born at my host family’s house 2 months ago!

img_4599 Pregnant women listening to a charla at the Casa Materna. 

img_4821One of the delicious smoothie bowls I enjoy making. This one has pitaya (dragon fruit), banana, and yogurt.

img_5836The Laguna de Tigre in La Paz Centro, León. A beautiful spot I visited with some friends one weekend.

img_5053A goat happily grazing off the road in my site. Sightings of all kinds of farm animals are quite regular all over Nicaragua. Even in bigger cities I’ve seen horse or bull-drawn carriages. In my site, I always pass horses, cows, and goats grazing and see pigs rolling around in the mud. 

img_5898A sweet little boy winning third place in the kids category at a 5K race I participated in at a nearby town. He was so enthused about finishing the race, he nearly ran right past the finish line!

Since this blog is for you, I would love to hear what you would like to learn more about, whether it be on Nicaragua, the Peace Corps, community health, smoothie-making, or whatever piques your interest. I am planning to include more recipes here, as a few of you have already made that request. Please let me know what you would like to hear!


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