¡Gracias Campamento GLOW!

I had the delightful experience of participating in this year’s Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World), put on by the Gender and Development (GAD) Committee of Peace Corps Nicaragua. With my Nicaraguan colleague, I served as a counselor, friend, and teacher to a group of six girls. In addition, I presented a lesson on sexual health with my friend and host sister. We talked about the different types of contraceptives available to Nicaraguan youth and which protect against pregnancy and which against STIs (only condoms and abstinence protect against both!). We also discussed how having a baby impacts your entire life, and changes your goals and priorities. 


Besides learning about feminism, discussing the portrayal of women in the media, and practicing how to correctly use a condom, among many other important lessons, we also got to enjoy the natural beauty of the Northern Nicaraguan mountains around us in Tisey, Estelí.


As the week went on, I got to know each one of the girls in my group a little better and enjoyed observing their reactions and discussions as they were introduced to new ideas and made new friends from all over the country. On the last day, as we prepared our final presentations to show the rest of camp, I was full of pride to see and hear the cheer my girls created together, expressing gratitude for the lessons they had learned at camp and the positive values they saw in themselves. Our cheer echoed the song “Soy Yo” by Bomba Estéreo, which we used as the empowering anthem of our camp, showing the music video, reading the lyrics with the girls, and dancing sillily along to the tune.


It’s already been a few months since we had camp, but the lessons learned and the happy energy shared have not left me, and hopefully have not left the girls I worked with. It still makes me smile to watch the video of our group presenting our cheer, and I know it always will.

Here is our cheer in Spanish and English:

¡Gracias Campamento GLOW!

Oh Oh Oh Oh,

Gracias Campamento GLOW

Por enseñarnos sobre:

Communication asertiva,



Mujeres en la media y las redes sociales,

Orientación sexual,

Sexo y género,


Y mucho más!

Oh Oh Oh Oh

¡Gracias Campamento GLOW!

Gracias a ti:

Tengo más confianza en mi;

Soy empoderada;

Soy fuerte;

Soy poderosa;

Soy divertida;

Soy creativa;


Oh Oh Oh Oh

Thank you Camp GLOW

For teaching us about:

Assertive communication,



Women in the media and social networks,

Sexual orientation,

Sex and gender,


And much more!

Oh Oh Oh Oh

Thank you Camp GLOW!

Thanks to you:

I have more confidence in myself;

I am empowered;

I am strong;

I am powerful;

I am fun;

I am creative;

And I AM ME!


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